Mobile Based Employee Training and Management Platform
to simplify learning.

Now roll out , monitor and measure the employee learning and development in your organization.



Have you ever encountered backlogs in the employee training program? How often have you faced difficulty tracking employee performance? Ever wondered how would it be to accelerate your organizational growth with one single application?

Chapter Vitamins enables you to communicate information in small bite sized modules, equip employees with required data, deploy employee training rapidly, track training programs and most importantly create an effective working culture within the team.

No more hassles in explaining product features to employees, no more failed trainer-employee interaction or unnecessary worries over customer training. Welcome to our user friendly interface to crack all organizational issues and ensure success.


Learning on the go even in an offline mode

How often did you think it is necessary to have a customized app for your company. Use our platform and insert the required functionalities along with your organization name to get the best results.

Rapid Deployment of Employee Training Programs.

Preparation of training modules is not only time consuming but also expensive. Ever thought of mechanisms to accelerate such organizational processes? This is where we contribute to your organization by enabling you to access our learning and management platform at an affordable cost.

Ensure Effective Internal Communication

Have you ever wondered how to keep organizational communication simple yet effective? Use our Flash Cards, Reading Material and Quiz interface to enhance trainee-employee interaction.

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